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Worn by Champions

I love the cut, the style, the fit, and the finish. These have to be the most perfect pair of trunks Iv'e ever had. I will be ordering from you again! Thank you

Mark Pacheco


Just wanted to let you know, by far the best posing trunks I've ever had. I'll be ordering more - thanks

Lloyd Costello


Love the trunks. Great fit and cut. Thanks

Steve Grigoropoulos


Early this year I bought a pair of your trunks, the Grape one's, and i'm absolutely stoked with them.

Mark Mallinger


Just to let you know that I was so pleased with the trunks I received I decided today to go ahead and purchase another black pair

James Douglas


Seriously love the look and love the quality! Very impressed!

Dan Griffin


Introducing the CLASSIC PHYSIQUE Trunks

Conforms to the latest requirements from the NPC and IFBB category with 4½" sides. 

Limited Edition Fabrics

These trunks are made from limited edition fabrics. We only have a small quantity of each so if you are looking from something a little different then get in quickly with you order.

FAST & FREE Delivery if you order any two or more trunks on this website.


These garments are mostly discontinued fabrics or last items from limited edition fabrics. All are made to the same standards in the same high-quality fabrics as our full price garments.

(More Specials Coming Soon)